Bermuda Tourism: 'If these 2019 numbers happened a year ago, the tourism industry would be elated'

9 May, 2019

Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) commented (09-May-2019) on the Bermuda tourism industry's 1Q2019 results, stating: "1Q2019 could not eclipse 2018's accelerated pace, yet it still outperformed the first three months of 2017". Details include:

  • Air tourists:
    • Average estimated spending per person: USD82.82, a 6.7% year-on-year increase;
    • Leisure air visitors: 24,300, -8.5%;
    • Total estimated spending: USD32 million, -2.5%;
  • Cruise visitors: 11,000, 136.8%;
  • Total leisure visitors: 35,200, 13.5%;
  • Hotel occupancy: -5.6ppts;
  • Hotel rates: 2.6%;
  • Private accommodation rentals share: 8.2%, a 0.4ppts increase.

BTA stated air capacity "played a role" as seat capacity reduced 3.5%, including a 12% reduction for New York John F Kennedy International Airport, amounting to 5000 fewer seats. New York is Bermuda's major market in seat capacity. BTA CEO Kevin Dallas stated: "Although no one in Bermuda's tourism industry likes down arrows, we see the 1Q2019 performance as a glass half full scenario [in which it] outperformed the 1Q2017, so we believe the industry is still in a strong position. If these 2019 numbers happened a year ago, the tourism industry would be elated". Mr Dallas added: "The significant increase in 2018 is something we'll have to contend with throughout 2019 as we work toward year-over-year growth for the industry". [more - original PR]