Boeing, Neos and AerCap mark delivery of Italy's first 787

18 December, 2017

Boeing, Neos and AerCap confirmed (18-Dec-2017) delivery of Neos' first Boeing 787. Neos is leasing the 787-9 through an agreement with AerCap and is the first Italian operator of the aircraft. Neos SpA CEO Carlo Stradiotti stated: "This delivery is the first step of implementation of our fleet strategy, aimed at making sure our customers can always have a state-of-the-art service and the best possible in-flight experience. We look forward to welcoming more 787s into our fleet along with the new 737 MAXs in the next few years". Neos is the 45th carrier to operate the 787. AerCap, the world's largest 787 customer, plans to deliver two additional 787s to Neos by 2018. [more - original PR]