Boeing to double 767 production between 2016 and 2020

30 April, 2018

Boeing Commercial Airplanes VP marketing Randy Tinseth confirmed (26-Apr-2018) the company plans to increase 767 production to three aircraft per month in 2020, due in part of strong cargo demand. The change will be the third rate increase for the 767 programme in recent years, representing a doubling of production since 2016. Boeing's cargo team continues to forecast 4% to 5% growth in the sector for 2018, but Mr Tinseth expects month to month variation. He said air cargo volumes over the past decade were highly tied to industrial production and world trade, so the recent trend of synchronised growth in industrial production and trade bodes well for air cargo. Mr Tinseth commented: "The renewed strength of the air cargo sector is encouraging as it is an important part of our industry and, for that matter, the broader economy". He added: "Operators want more freighters. Some customers say they can't get airplanes fast enough, while others are reactivating parked freighters and returning them to service". Boeing sold nearly 80 freighter aircraft over the last 24 months. [more - original PR]