Bombardier comments on US International Trade Commission hearing

19 December, 2017

Bombardier VP communications and public affairs Mike Nadolski responded (18-Dec-2017) to the hearing on 18-Dec-2017 before the US International Trade Commission. Mr Nadolski stated: "We are very pleased with the evidence presented today by Bombardier, Delta, and others demonstrating that Boeing's petition is an unfounded assault on airlines, the flying public, and the U.S. aerospace industry. That has been true since the start of the investigation, and recent developments make it even clearer". Bombardier noted the Bombardier/Airbus C Series partnership will include construction of a new US manufacturing facility in Alabama, providing US airlines with a US built aircraft "thereby eliminating any possibility of Boeing being harmed by imports". Bombardier estimates the new Alabama assembly line will add 400 to 500 direct jobs in the US. The Commission also heard evidence that the "C Series simply does not threaten Boeing". Bombardier noted: "Boeing did not compete in the Delta campaign. It has not made a plane sized to Delta's needs for many years, since it stopped producing the 717 and 737-600. Moreover, Boeing has acknowledged that it has oversold its 737 production capabilities and has a backlog of more than 4,300 aircraft orders". [more - original PR]