Bombardier 'deeply disappointed' by US decision on C Series tariffs

20 December, 2017

Bombardier VP communications and public affairs Mike Nadolski issued (20-Dec-2017) the following statement in response to tariff determinations issued by the US Department of Commerce:

  • Evidence presented at the US International Trade Commission "demonstrated that Boeing's petition is an unfounded assault on airlines, the flying public, and the US aerospace industry";
  • The US Commerce Department decision is "divorced from this reality and ignores long-standing business practices in the aerospace industry, including launch pricing and the financing of multibillion dollar aircraft programs". Bombardier is "deeply disappointed that the Commerce Department did not take this opportunity to rectify its past errors";
  • Bombardier remains confident that "at the end of the process" the US International Trade Commission will "reach the right conclusion, which is that the C Series benefits the US aerospace industry, US airlines, and the US flying public";
  • The C Series "simply does not threaten Boeing" and Boeing did not compete in the Delta Air Lines sales campaign;
  • Bombardier estimates the new Alabama assembly line, developed in partnership with Airbus to manufacture the C Series in the US, will add 400 to 500 direct jobs in the US, along with thousands more indirect and induced US jobs. It will also bring approximately USD300 million in new foreign direct investment to the US. [more - original PR]