CAAC: Chinese airlines using entire India quota, seek more routes

18 February, 2019

CAAC announced (14-Feb-2019) Chinese carriers used their entire passenger transport capacity quota to India, while carriers on the Indian side only used five of their 42 flights per week. Chinese airlines also operate 38 weekly freighter flights, while India has no freighter services. Under current China-India bilateral air services agreement, China and India each have 42 weekly passenger flights and no restrictions on cargo routes. CAAC said four Chinese airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Shandong Airlines, operate passenger services from seven Chinese cities to three Indian cities. CAAC said: "Chinese airlines are looking forward to opening more routes to India in the coming years, however, passenger demand is still not well balanced due to the limitations of traffic rights between the two countries". [more - original PR - Chinese]