Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable calls for reopening of Canada and relaxation of restrictions

15 June, 2020

Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable, an organisation of airlines, airports, hotels, and chambers of commerce across Canada, issued (Jun-2020) a letter to Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all Premiers. The letter, consisting of signatures from more than 120 businesses including Air Canada, WestJet, National Airlines Council of Canada and the Canadian Airports Council, calls on the government to "re-open the doors of our provinces, territories - and our country". The letter stated the Canadian travel, tourism and hospitality sector "relies on the summer season to survive", and believes "many of the travel restrictions currently in place are simply too broad or unnecessary". It stated: "Limitations on inter-provincial travel that restrict Canadians from freely exploring our country, should be removed. Canadians should be free to travel across Canada". The businesses also advocated for a "more targeted approach to international travel", noting that "not all countries and regions are risky, and we shouldn't treat them as such". The letter concluded by noting it is "time to encourage Canadians and some visitors from abroad to explore our country this summer". [more - original PR]