CAPA: Efficient short haul ops are likely to prove crucial post COVID-19

26 August, 2020

CAPA - Centre for Aviation, in a report entitled: 'Europe low cost airlines: Transavia is now free to play catch up', stated (25-Aug-2020) the Transavia brand has a genuinely LCC level of unit cost but has lacked scale as a result of the pilot agreements that previously constrained its growth. Air France-KLM's narrowbody LCC fleet is 40 short of Lufthansa Group's and 70 fewer than IAG's. The narrowbody LCC fleets of all three are much smaller than Ryanair and easyJet, but closer in size to Wizz Air, Norwegian and As European aviation slowly emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, efficient short haul operations are likely to prove crucial. Air France-KLM has much ground to gain on rivals but no longer has to compete with a LCC fleet cap or domestic network restriction. [more - CAPA Analysis]