CAPA: JetBlue, Spirit and Frontier anticipate rebound in travel demand ahead of larger US operators

19 May, 2020

CAPA - Centre for Aviation, in a report entitled: 'COVID 19: US low cost airlines - advantages over full service carriers', stated (18-May-2020) LCCs such as JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines believe their customer bases, including leisure and VFR passengers, will rebound ahead of business travellers. Frontier has presented the most bullish view, as it plans to resume service to all destinations previously served, effective Jul-2020. Spirit and JetBlue anticipate demand will recover later in the year, though both plan to use demand trends as their guide for the return of operations. The simpler business models of JetBlue, Frontier and Spirit could help them to recover ahead of larger US airlines, however as the pool of passengers diminishes, there will be increased competition with lower fares. [more - CAPA Analysis]