CAPA: Virgin Atlantic's new partnership with AF-KLM should improve Virgin's access to wider markets

5 October, 2017

CAPA - Centre for Aviation, in a report entitled: 'Virgin Atlantic: Air France-KLM relationship may help in improving network coverage', stated (05-Oct-2017) Virgin Atlantic's anticipated entry into the North Atlantic JV based around SkyTeam members Delta Air Lines and Air France-KLM will probably not immediately change the shape of its network in a significant way. It will certainly not directly alter its competitive position on its routes from the UK. Virgin Atlantic's new relationship with Air France-KLM should improve Virgin's access to wider markets in the future. Air France-KLM has a much more geographically balanced network and, over time, this should help to widen Virgin's global commercial footprint, particularly if the new Air France-KLM shareholder China Eastern is also brought into its sphere of influence. [more - CAPA Analysis]