CAPA: Vital for the EU to increase coordination in lifting travel restrictions, hygiene standards

22 June, 2020

CAPA - Centre for Aviation, in a report entitled: 'Europe's airline capacity recovery. Intra-Europe international is key', stated (22-Jun-2020) the internal segment of the EU's single aviation market, when functioning normally, is very similar to an enlarged domestic market, broadly pooling the domestic markets of EU member states and the international markets between members into one market. However, the COVID-19 crisis has caused a fragmentation of the single aviation market, as travel restrictions were imposed unilaterally and with different timings and different levels of restriction. Access to the intra-European segment of the international market will be crucial to Europe's airlines in the recovery phase, since purely domestic markets are small, highlighting why it is vital for Europe to increase the level of coordination in its approach towards the lifting of travel restrictions and hygiene standards in the recovery. [more - CAPA Analysis]