CWT: VR, green transportation and hyper-personalisation to shape travel

29 May, 2019

CWT chief technology officer Andrew Jordan reported (23-May-2019) he expects the following technology trends to help reshape the travel sector:

  • Virtual reality (VR): Adoption of VR as a consumer product has largely been driven by gaming, but other industries are increasingly realising its potential. The adoption of VR tech in travel is still in its infancy, but a growing number of applications have been identified, such as virtual tours, VR team meetings, and as a training tool;
  • Green transportation: The development of electric vehicles has "has made huge strides since its introduction" and are increasingly popular, but emission-free automobiles "still have their shortcomings". As more electric vehicles enter operation and as costs to produce these cars and batteries decreases, the infrastructure to support the technology will be rolled out;
  • Hyper-personalisation: Travel has become an inherently personal experience, and travellers expect a personalised experience. Data is the key, and using traveller data to deliver services according to preference. The trip planning process is expected to become less fragmented, and more tailored towards the individual needs and preferences as a traveller. CWT is also developing an easier and simpler corporate travel experience for its clients. [more - original PR