Dubai Airport to increase capacity to 118m pax by 2023 through 'technology and process'

27 December, 2017

Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths, in an opinion piece, said the 'DXB Plus' programme is designed to add 28 million passengers p/a at Dubai International Airport (DXB), stating: "Technology and process will boost DXB's capacity to 118 million by 2023" (Arabian Business, 24-Dec-2017). Mr Griffiths commented: "This approach flies in the face of traditional thinking. Historically the industry's approach to expansion has been all about investing in bigger facilities to accommodate more passengers. Current legacy thinking has also produced a series of vertical solutions for our customers to pass through horizontally - during which they are massed together into queues. This is not modern thinking". He added: "What is needed across our sector globally is breakthrough thinking with the customer at its centre, and that is at the top of Dubai Airports' agenda".