El Al joins cargo.one, with first digital booking completed via the platform

10 October, 2019

El Al Cargo joined (10-Oct-2019) the cargo.one digital booking platform following a 12 week integration process. The first El Al Cargo digital booking was completed via cargo.one by Hellmann Worldwide Logistics from Frankfurt Airport to Miami International Airport. All El Al Cargo routings from Germany via Tel Aviv to international destinations are live and available for digital booking via cargo.one. El Al Cargo division head Ronen Spira said the platform allows the carrier to build on existing systems and "go digital" with a 100% customer centric approach. Mr Spira added: "While we now have capacities listed next to Lufthansa, ABC and others we are really only at the beginning of our digitalisation efforts. There remain many business processes to digitise and integrations to improve". [more - original PR] [more - original PR - II]