Etihad Airways operates ecoflight from Abu Dhabi to Brussels

14 January, 2020

Etihad Airways announced (12-Jan-2020) it was scheduled to operate an 'ecoflight' from Abu Dhabi to Brussels, effective 13-Jan-2020. EY57 was operated with Boeing 787 equipment, which consumes 15% less fuel than any aircraft type previously operated by the carrier. The aircraft was also scheduled to follow an optimised flight route facilitated by EUROCONTROL to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Other initiatives to support the ecoflight include:

  • Minimal single use plastics on board;
  • Innovative wheat based plates for on demand meals in business class;
  • Electric tractors to help ferry freight and luggage between the terminal and the aircraft in Abu Dhabi;
  • Expedited taxi time from the Abu Dhabi terminal to the runway, to minimise or eliminate holding time with engines running;
  • En route use of a range of fuel optimisation techniques;
  • The use of ground power at both Abu Dhabi International Airport and Brussels Airport terminals instead of the aircraft's own fuel powered auxiliary power unit. [more - original PR]