European Council updates COVID-19 travel recommendations to lift all travel restrictions

14 December, 2022

European Council updated (13-Dec-2022) its COVID-19 travel recommendations, under which member states should no longer impose any restrictions on travel on the grounds of public health. The recommendations maintain the following safeguards in case of a deteriorating epidemiological situation:

  • In the case of a severely worsening epidemiological situation, member states should adopt a coordinated approach regarding travel requirements, such as vaccination, proof of recovery or testing or additional testing or quarantine on arrival;
  • When a variant of concern emerges in a third country, member states might exceptionally establish an urgent, common and temporary travel restriction or travel requirements. Restrictions should expire after 21 days unless it is decided to shorten or extend them;
  • Member state free movement restrictions should be limited to passengers holding a valid EU digital COVID certificate (DCC) or testing for people without a DCC;
  • The 'emergency brake' is maintained to be able to react quickly to new variants. In such cases a member state could require travellers to undergo quarantine or testing, even if they hold an EU DCC. [more - original PR]