Eurowings launches 'virtual interlining' distribution system under new Eurowings Flight Platform

9 May, 2019

Eurowings launched (09-May-2019) a new 'virtual interlining' distribution system under its newly developed Eurowings Flight Platform (EFP). The booking platform, developed in conjunction with Lufthansa Innovation Hub, links Eurowings airfares with offers from other airlines without any cooperation between them, enabling bookings in a single seamless process. Eurowings services can now be seamlessly combined with Norwegian Air Shuttle and SunExpress. For passengers who miss their connecting service, rebookings are handled via the EFP without any additional costs. EFP is the "next step in positioning as a comprehensive travel companion", the carrier stated. "We are gradually expanding into a travel companion that meets every traveller's needs. The smooth networking of transport providers on the ground and in the air is an essential part of this", Eurowings Digital MD Oliver Schmitt commented. [more - original PR - English/German]