French Govt could spur resurgence of French aviation, reduce costs p/a by up to EUR500m

20 September, 2018

Air France, via its official Twitter account, reposted (19-Sep-2018) an economic research report by international management consulting agency Arthur D Little. The report finds that the French Government, if it were geared towards reducing regulatory burdens and costs, could spur a reduction in costs between EUR400 million and EUR500 million p/a for airlines operating in France. Arthur D Little stated from an "economic and strategic point of view, it is in the interest of the country to support the competitiveness" of French aviation, with a return of investment likely with the creation of 30,000 new jobs. Arthur D Little said a resurgence of France in the European aviation market could generate a return to fleet growth by airlines, with capacity to add 15 long haul and 15 medium haul aircraft p/a. [more - original PR - French]