Geneva Airport to tap into the GeniLac thermal power network to cut emissions

7 November, 2019

Geneva Airport signed (07-Nov-2019) an energy buy back agreement with Services Industriels de Genève to connect the GeniLac thermal network to airport infrastructure from 2025. The airport will commit to being fuelled by SIG's eco-friendly thermal network for the next 30 years, investing around CHF80 million (EUR72.7 million) in networks and thermal power stations to support GeniLac. To do so, Geneva Airport will launch construction of a new 1900sqm thermal power station in summer 2020, requiring investment of CHF24 million (EUR21.8 million). The station will house high performing heat pumps to heat airport and partner infrastructure. Surplus heat produced by the airport's heat pumps will be reinjected back into the SIG network. Connection to GeniLac will reduce CO2 emissions by 5300 tonnes p/a. [more - original PR]