GMF, Korr Group sign strategic partnership to expand Australia-Indonesia footprint

2 January, 2018

PT Garuda Maintenance Aero Asia Tbk (GMF) signed (29-Dec-2017) a strategic partnership agreement with Korr Group to collectively expand their Australia-Indonesia footprint. The signing of this strategic partnership contract is a follow up of the MoU signed on 02-Jun-2017 between the parties. As part of the agreement, GMF and the KORR Group agreed to cooperate in line maintenance activities for Boeing 737, 787, A320 and A330 aircraft. GMF AeroAsia president & CEO Iwan Joeniarto stated: "We sincerely believe that this strategic partnership will be able to support GMF's overseas expansion, especially in the Australian market with its high potential for the aircraft maintenance business, particularly in the line maintenance field". Korr founder and chairman Bevan Coote stated the agreement represents an "important milestone in our Asian expansion strategy which has also seen the launch of new offices in Singapore and Vietnam". The next step of the signing of this strategic partnership is to take the execution of this collaboration to the next level in 2018. For the initial phases, GMF and KORR Group will collaborate in line maintenance work in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. [more - original PR]