Greek Government simplifies home sharing rules, Airbnb welcomes lack of burdensome procedures

3 September, 2018

Airbnb stated (31-Aug-2018) almost 1.4 million guests on its booking platform travelled to Greece in 2017. "Greece has long supported home sharing, introducing clearer rules earlier this year that allow everyone to share their homes", Airbnb said, with people free to share homes without burdensome procedures or limits, as long as they register via an online process and display a registration number. Home sharing is also recognised as a non professional activity and hosts are not required to register as businesses. Airbnb confirmed hosts can now obtain a registration number "at the click of a button through the new online registry launched by the Revenue Authority" on 31-Aug-2018. The Airbnb community boosted the local Greek economy by EUR750 million from host earnings and guest spending in 2017. Airbnb public policy manager Sofia Gkiousou said: "Today's announcement is a positive move from the Government to simplify home sharing for thousands of Greeks, and we're pleased to be supporting them by making it even easier for hosts to share their homes responsibly". [more - original PR]