Hobart Airport to review terminal redevelopment to accommodate 'fantastic growth'

16 October, 2017

Hobart Airport will review its AUD25 million (USD19.6 million) terminal redevelopment plan in response to stronger than expected growth in arrivals and new services (The Mercury, 16-Oct-2017). Passenger numbers increased 34% since 2012, exceeding the airport's expectations. The airport is making arrangements to ensure departures and arrivals areas are able to meet demand over the 2017/18 summer period. The airport stated: "This is a complex redevelopment, compounded by an unprecedented growth in the numbers of the travelling public as well as balancing the need to continue to operate the airport while undertaking these works. We anticipate this fantastic growth will continue into the future, and so have taken the opportunity to revisit our terminal plans, mindful of our forecast demand, and are continuing to negotiate these plans with our airline partners. Our aim is to provide sufficient space and facilities to provide for this ever-growing demand". The terminal redevelopment is the final part of a seven year, AUD100 million (USD78.4 million) investment, which is on track to be complete by 1H2018.