Honeywell: Airlines can introduce route, airport and course changes to easily cut fuel burn

29 March, 2018

Honeywell, via its official blog, stated (27-Mar-2018) data analytics technology can be used to improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing schedule performance by changing operational practices and giving flight crews the right information to make informed decisions. According to Honeywell, there are three relatively simple data measures that carriers can do to make sizeable fuel economy improvements and save on fuel costs:

  • Fly more efficient routes: With the right information at their disposal, pilots can fly the most direct routes, take advantage of shortcuts and request takeoff and landing trajectories that save fuel;
  • Know the airport: Airlines can reduce fuel burn by knowing and requesting best practices for flying into and out of airports, flying holding patterns and taxiing between the runway and the terminal;
  • Adjust to changes: With access to the most current data, pilots can request course and altitude changes to minimize the impact of winds, turbulence and other natural conditions that require them to use additional fuel. [more - original PR]