'Huge potential' for growth in African aviation, but open skies 'difficult to implement': AASA CEO

18 May, 2018

Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA) CEO Chris Zweigenthal commented on ongoing plans to implement open skies in Africa, stating: "This liberalisation has proved difficult to implement on a continental scale due to varying states' positions on their readiness for implementation, the necessity for competition regulations, dispute resolution mechanisms, implementation provisions and incorporation into domestic legislation" (engineeringnews.co.za, 18-May-2018). Mr Zweigenthal added: "It is important that such liberalisation must be undertaken on a consistent basis with the same rules for all states, ensuring reciprocity and fair competition between the African airlines". He continued: "There is huge potential for intra-African growth to provide an integrated network of new services and increased frequencies between African destinations... There is huge potential for the growth of air transport in Africa".