IAG calls on UK Gov't to ease visa rules for Chinese and recognise Schengen biometric visas

30 January, 2018

IAG CEO Willie Walsh called (29-Jan-2018) on UK Prime Minister Theresa May to introduce a new 10 year visa for Chinese visitors, first proposed in Oct-2015. Mr Walsh said: "We need a step change on China. We make it hard for Chinese tourists to visit. The USA charges GBP119 for a 10 year visa while Britain charges GBP767. Making it easier for Chinese businesses and tourists to come to the UK is critical to boosting our economy and enhancing global trading links, especially post Brexit. We continue to lose out on the new jobs that Chinese investment and affluent tourists bring". IAG also called on the government to implement two proposals from the UK China Visitor Alliance, new biometric visas issued by Schengen countries to be recognised by the UK and the granting of visas to the parents of Chinese students studying in the UK. Ms May is due to visit China in Jan-2018. [more - original PR]