IATA: Asia Pacific and Africa to account for most of the increase in global 'flying age' population

5 November, 2017

IATA reported (03-Nov-2017) the global 'flying age' population of 4.9 billion people is projected to rise by 17% by 2036, with almost all of this increase taking place in Asia Pacific and Africa.

  • In Africa, the 'flying age' population is projected to rise by 2.7% each year on average over the next 20 years; by 2036, one-fifth of the total will live on the continent, up from one-seventh currently;
  • Only 15% of the potential 'flying age' population currently live in Europe and North America, despite these being the world's two largest aviation markets. Ageing populations in Europe mean that region's 'flying age' population size will fall by 0.5% p/a on average to 2036;
  • More then 40% of the growth in the 'flying age' population will be in the Asia Pacific region;
  • A living standards rise strongly in both Asia Pacific and Africa over the long term, and the cost of air travel is expected to continue to decline in inflation-adjusted terms, air travel will come within reach of an increasing number of people in these regions  [more - original PR]