IATA, CAAC, Cathay Pacific and Shanghai Pudong pilot electronic boarding passes in China

31 January, 2019

IATA reported (30-Jan-2019) it successfully piloted a paperless Fast Travel process in China in partnership with the CAAC, citing the strong demand for self service process among international passengers in the country. China lacks paperless boarding passes for international, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan flights due to the "relatively complicated process and a large number of entities involved", stated IATA. The association's Beijing Office trialled a Fast Travel process with Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Cathay Pacific Airways' Pudong Station. IATA stated it received "strong support and cooperation" from China's Border Control, Customs, Security and other airport joint inspection units. The trial used a QR Code electronic boarding passes (EBP) obtained from off-site check-in, allowing Cathay Pacific passengers to complete border control, security check and boarding procedures at Shanghai Pudong terminal 2 in 10 minutes, saving up to a third of regular processing time. According to IATA Beijing Office, a comprehensive roll-out of the use of EBPs will not only save about USD390 million in operating costs for China's civil aviation industry, but will also greatly enhance the travel experience of passengers. [more - original PR]