IBA: Values and lease rates outlook 'gloomy' for 777-200ER and 'relatively promising' for 777-300ER

9 February, 2018

IBA reported (08-Feb-2018) the Boeing 777-200ER shows lower lease end volumes for 2018 than the A330ceo family, however storage levels have been increasing. IBA reported 52 777-200ER aircraft are currently parked and with the failure of Transaero and VIM, it appears that placement opportunities for the aircraft are becoming scarcer. With the prospect of increased numbers of aircraft coming to market, the future for values and lease rates is "gloomy". In comparison, the  outlook for the 777-300ER is "relatively promising", but there will be a spike in lease ends in 2019 and beyond, which "will put 777-300ER liquidity to the test". [more - original PR]