Indra and Avinor jointly test remote ATC tower operations for multiple Norwegian airports

29 May, 2018

Indra Navia and Avinor completed (28-May-2018) the first of a series of validation exercises to simultaneously manage air traffic at multiple airports from a single, remote position. While single remote tower control is a technology which has already been deployed, Indra Navia and Avinor believe the capability to handle air traffic at multiple aerodromes is a "revolutionary concept" for the ATM industry which would generate the lowest possible total cost of ownership. The testing platform, based on Indra ATM systems, provided a fully integrated 3D tower environment recreation of three Norwegian airports, Rost Airport, Haugesund Airport and Bodo Airport. All relevant information and controls were available through 'InNOVA', Indra's integrated controller working position concept. The validation platform also composed of other tools such as voice communication systems. The validation brings results that will form an important base for the work towards the next maturity level for the multiple remote tower concept. "Initial results clearly indicate that it is possible for a single air traffic controller to operate traffic at more than one airport simultaneously", the companies said. Avinor's long term remote tower programme aims for 15 airports to be controlled from a remote tower centre. [more - original PR