JETGO handles 3266 pax at Illawarra Regional Airport in Dec-2017, considers Gold Coast service

3 January, 2018

JETGO Australia, via its official Facebook account, reposted (02-Jan-2018) reports that the carrier is "pleased" with progress of operations at Illawarra Regional Airport, two months into operation (WIN News, 02-Jan-2018). JETGO Australia founder Arron Mulder said "it is what we expected, we would have liked it to be a little bit better, I think every retailer does" but it is a "building market". The service resulted in a 17% increase in passenger traffic at the airport in Dec-2017, with 3266 JETGO passengers handled in Dec-2017, nearly 60% using the JETGO Melbourne service. JETGO MD Paul Bredereck expects new flight approach procedures to be approved by CASA in "coming weeks", which should eliminate some weather diversions experienced over recent months (around five in both Nov-2017 and Dec-2017). Bookings are "solid" for both Brisbane and Melbourne routes, with a possible expansion later in 2018, the carrier said. The carrier also noted demand for direct Gold Coast routes, but not until after the Commonwealth Games to get space at Gold Coast. As a result, the carrier would be "seriously looking" at expanding service to the Gold Coast in around Apr-2018 or May-2018.