Jetstar expects 'significant growth between Australia and China', between 'everywhere and China'

12 March, 2018

Jetstar Group CEO Gareth Evans, speaking on CAPA TV, commented (02-Mar-2018) on Australia-China growth opportunities. Mr Evans stated: "China is a huge opportunity for airlines based everywhere. There's going to be significant growth between Australia and China. There's going to be significant growth between everywhere and China. It's how we tap into that growth in a way that's sustainable and profitable over the long term that's going to be key for us". Mr Evans noted the universal appeal of the China market to airlines globally, stating: "I think every airline in the region, every airline in the world is looking at what they're going to do in China. We have a really strong position today, both with the Qantas brand and with the Jetstar brand. We're going to be working very hard on what our strategy's going to be to participate in that growth going forwards". [more - CAPA TV]