KLM to contribute to development of 'Flying-V' aircraft concept

3 June, 2019

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines signed (02-Jun-2019) a new cooperative agreement with the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the 2019 IATA AGM, to contribute TU Delft's research into a flight concept known as 'Flying-V'. The concept's v-shaped design integrates the passenger cabin, cargo hold and fuel tanks in the wings, with improved aerodynamic shape and reduced weight meaning it uses 20% less fuel than the A350. The aircraft has the same wingspan as the A350, enabling it to use existing infrastructure at airports including runways and hangar facilities. It will have a capacity of 314 passengers and 160 cubic metres of cargo space. Its smaller size compared to the A350 will give it less aerodynamic resistance. It operates using kerosene in its current design but can be adapted to make use of innovative propulsion systems such as electrically boosted turbofans. A flying scale model and a full size section of the interior of the Flying-V will be officially presented at the KLM Experience Days at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in Oct-2019. [more - original PR]