Lufthansa Cargo to invest in Frankfurt; outlines conditions for Germany to remain competitive

5 July, 2018

Lufthansa Group, in its Policy Brief, stated (04-Jul-2018) Lufthansa Cargo will invest "an eight figure sum" in Frankfurt operations every year until 2022. The carrier said the following "competitive framework conditions" are necessary for Germany to remain "a successful air cargo location":

  • Aviation security authorities and the aviation industry must develop security standards together. Specifications regarding security technologies and procedures and their implementation should be harmonised at EU level;
  • Efficient logistics requires digitisation and networking at every point in the process chain. Customs and security procedures must be in line with this. All stakeholders should reduce complexity and work together more efficiently;
  • It is important to ensure that airlines compete fairly. If this is not the case, this can result in artificial market distortions, which are to the detriment of German air cargo companies. [more - original PR]