Lufthansa Group: US ahead of EU in protecting airlines from unfair competition

5 July, 2018

Deutsche Lufthansa AG stated (04-Jul-2018) while US-EU open skies are a "success", in areas where "similar conditions are not in place", steps towards liberalisation could "jeopardise the proper functioning of the aviation markets". The group stated: "The EU Commission is drawing up a new competition regulation... The US is already a few steps ahead", adding: "When US airlines are shown to be harmed by unfair competition, sanctions come into play... This increases the willingness of airlines that want to fly to the US to communicate". Lufthansa Group concluded: "Under current agreements with the US authorities, both the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have promised balance sheet transparency and, in addition, accepted a limitation to traffic through so-called fifth freedoms under additional agreements". [more - original PR]