Lufthansa to block last row of A320neo seats over CG limitation concerns

12 September, 2019

Lufthansa, in an internal memorandum, reported plans to block the last row of seats onboard A320neo aircraft from booking, to address concerns over the aircraft's centre-of-gravity (CG) limitations (ATW Online, 12-Sep-2019). As previously reported by CAPA, the EASA issued an airworthiness directive (AD) covering certain A320 aircraft, after analysis and laboratory testing of the behaviour of the flight control laws of the A320neo identified a reduced efficiency of the angle of attack protection when the aircraft is set in certain flight configurations and in combination with specific manoeuvres commanded by the flight crew. The AD limits the aft CG to 37% mean aerodynamic chord, 4% less than a CG limit previously in effect for A320neo aircraft operated by Lufthansa.