Melbourne Airport mulls new runway and expanded T2 International as part of USD2.6bn redevelopment

9 July, 2018

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport chief of parking and ground access Lorie Argus stated the airport is considering an expanded international terminal (T2 International), new runway, and transport hub as part of the airport's estimated AUD3.5 billion (USD2.6 billion) redevelopment programme (SBS/3AW, 09-Jul-2018). Mr Argus said: "The vision for the terminal is to get to 100 million passengers, so to be able to meet that 70 million passengers by 2038 we absolutely need another runway, that is part of the planning". Mr Argus added the airport plans to consult local communities and airlines on any proposed new runway. The airport must submit its master plan for redevelopment to Australia's Federal Government by 18-Dec-2018.