Moscow Domodedovo Airport to increase charges for domestic carriers from Apr-2019: report

15 March, 2019

Moscow Domodedovo Airport reportedly plans to increase the following airport charges for Russian carriers from 01-Apr-2019 to adjust for inflation (Interfax, 14-Mar-2019):

  • Landing/take off: RUB288 (EUR3.9) per tonne of maximum take off weight (MTOW), +5.5%;
  • Aviation safety: RUB225 (EUR3.0) per tonne of MTOW, +5.1%;
  • Use of domestic terminal: RUB83 (EUR1.1) per passenger, +5.1%;
  • Use of international terminal: RUB116 (EUR1.6) per passenger, +5.5%;
  • Services for domestic passengers: RUB219 (EUR3.0) per passenger, +5.3%;
  • Services for international services: RUB243 (EUR3.3) per passenger, +5.2%.