New Zealand Govt invests in Munda Airport and Solomon Islands tourism development

3 April, 2019

New Zealand's (NZ) High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Don Higgins said the NZ Government has directly invested around USD10 million into the redevelopment of Munda Airport, in addition to investing in the development of the Solomon Islands' Western Province tourism sector (Radio NZ, 02-Apr-2019). Commenting on the Solomons move away from non renewable industries such as logging, Mr Higgins added: "It is environmentally and socially damaging so we see tourism as a way of providing sustainable income from a source that is non-extractive, if you like... And also, one of the benefits to the type of tourism we're involved in is the money accrues directly to the provinces and to those operators". New Zealand has committed USD20 million towards tourism development in the Solomons since 2012.