NextJet applies for bankruptcy, cancels all flights

17 May, 2018

NextJet, via its official Facebook account, announced (16-May-2018) it will apply for bankruptcy and cancel all services from 16-May-2018. NextJet stated: "We regret the situation. Pending the appointment of a bankruptcy trustee and making decisions about the company's future, customers who booked a trip with Nextjet are referred to their travel agency or card issuer. Our customer service is closed until further notice". According to OAG, the following Swedish airports will be without scheduled air service:

  • Hemavan Airport;
  • Vilhelmina Airport;
  • Lycksele Airport;
  • Arvidsjaur Airport;
  • Gallivare Airport;
  • Kramfors Höga Kusten Airport.

In addition, Karlstad Airport and Jonkoping Axamo Airport will be without scheduled domestic service. NextJet operated a fleet of five British Aerospace ATP aircraft, four Saab 340As and five Saab 340Bs, according to the CAPA Fleet Database.