Norwegian Air Argentina approved to operate Buenos Aires-Perth route, applying for Singapore rights

26 February, 2018

ArCham - Argentine Chamber of Commerce in Australia, via its official Facebook account, reposted (26-Feb-2018) reports that Norwegian Air Argentina has applied and been approved to operate Buenos Aires-Perth route, and is applying for rights to Singapore. The comments were made as ArCham hosted a roundtable to present the Buenos Aires-Perth initiative, which it describes as a "transpolar flight to connect Latin America and Asia, positioning Perth as a strategic gateway to Asia". One of the points highlighted in the discussion was that Perth would significantly benefit by attracting "in-transit" passengers, a new wave of visitors from both Asia and Latin America. ArCham executive director Diego Berazategui, presenting the initiative, stated: "The study shows that a trans-polar flight between Buenos Aires and Perth would take less than 15 hours and would position Perth as a great midpoint destination for international travellers between Asia and Latin America" (The West Australian, 26-Feb-2018).