Philippine Airlines, Air New Zealand, China Airlines settle antitrust suit for USD29.4m

17 January, 2018

Philippine Airlines, Air New Zealand and China Airlines agreed to settle a price fixing case related to trans Pacific services to the US for a total of USD29.4 million (Law360, 10-Jan-2018). China Airlines will pay USD19.75 million, including notice costs, as a part of the settlement. Philippine Airlines has agreed to pay USD9 million, while Air New Zealand will pay USD650,000 including notice costs. In 2015, a settlement for USD39.5 million was reached with eight other airlines involved in the alleged price fixing including Air France, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International and Vietnam Airlines. All Nippon Airways and EVA Air continue to challenge the case. The class action suit was officially filed in 2007 and relates to alleged price fixing on services between the US and Australia, New Zealand, and some of the Pacific islands.