Pobeda proposed to amend rules on check in charges

4 December, 2018

Pobeda asked Russia's Ministry of Transport to amend aviation rules to allow carriers to charge passengers for check in services at the airport and eliminate fees for online check in (RBC/Kommersant/TASS, 03-Dec-2018). Pobeda director general Andrey Kalmykov said the check in fee is currently included in the airfare and carriers must pay for the service even if a passenger checks in online. Mr Kalmykov expects 90% of passengers to check in online free of charge if the proposed amendments are introduced. Mr Kalmykov added: "The airports will save on employees and check in counters, reduce fees for us, in turn, fares will be lower, traffic will only increase as a result of this". UTair Aviation president Pavel Permyakov expressed support for the proposal. The Ministry of Transport plans to discuss the proposal with industry participants and consumer representatives.