Qantas Group represented 0.7% of Australian GDP in FY2017

13 December, 2017

Qantas Group reported (Dec-2017) its contribution to the Australian economy, as calculated by Deloitte Access Economics, totalled AUD11.6 billion (USD8.9 billion) in FY2017. According to the economic impact study, Qantas and Jetstar:

  • Represented 0.7% of Australia's GDP;
  • Supported 56,414 Australian jobs;
  • Contributed AUD10.7 billion (USD8.2 billion) to the tourism industry (an increase of AUD300 million [USD228.9 million] from FY2016);
  • Supported over 100,000 jobs, approximately one in every nine in the tourism industry. [more - original PR]