Qantas makes major changes to executive management, new CEOs for more operational units

28 August, 2017

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce announced (28-Aug-2017) a reorganisation of its executive leadership team. The changes among the direct reports to Mr Joyce are:

  • Jon Scriven (Group executive of people and culture) will retire after eight and a half years at Qantas. Lesley Grant, currently CEO of Qantas Loyalty, will step into this role;
  • Jayne Hrdlicka will move from CEO of Jetstar Group to become CEO of Qantas Loyalty and Digital Ventures, which will now also include innovation;
  • Gareth Evans will move from CEO of Qantas International to become CEO of Jetstar Group;
  • Alison Webster, who is currently executive manager of freight, catering and airports, will become CEO of Qantas International;
  • Olivia Wirth will take on responsibility for customer and digital strategy, in a new role of chief customer officer. This is in addition to her existing responsibilities for brand, marketing and corporate affairs;
  • Andrew Finch will take on the responsibility for Office of the CEO in additional to his current responsibilities as general counsel and company secretary;
  • Andrew David, currently CEO of Qantas Domestic, will also assume responsibility for Qantas Freight, Catering and Airports.

New group management committee (from Nov-2017):

  • Andrew David - CEO Qantas Domestic & Freight (currently CEO Qantas Domestic);
  • Gareth Evans - CEO Jetstar Group (currently CEO, Qantas International & Freight);
  • Andrew Finch - General counsel & group executive, office of the CEO (currently general counsel and company secretary);
  • John Gissing* - Group executive associated airlines & services;
  • Lesley Grant - Group executive, people & culture (currently CEO, Qantas Loyalty);
  • Jayne Hrdlicka - CEO Qantas Loyalty & digital ventures (currently CEO, Jetstar Group);
  • Tino La Spina* - CFO, Qantas Group;
  • Rob Marcolina* - Group executive strategy, transformation & IT;
  • Andrew Parker* - Group executive government, international and regulatory affairs;
  • Alison Webster - CEO Qantas International (currently executive manager, freight, catering & airports);
  • Olivia Wirth - Chief customer officer (currently group executive, brand, marketing & corporate affairs). [more - original PR]

* unchanged

Qantas Group: "Over the past three years, our senior executive team has led the Group through a major turnaround. We're now entering a phase of ongoing improvement and innovation, and these changes will help drive that. This is also about making the best use of the considerable leadership talent at the top level of our organisation", Alan Joyce, CEO. Source: Qantas Group, 28-Aug-2017.