Qantas notes high employee engagement, customer satisfaction, financial performance trifecta

24 April, 2018

Qantas responded to a Senate Committee hearing on whether corporate tax cuts will lead to wage increases, noting the carrier's history of employee engagement and financial performance (, 24-Apr-2018). Qantas stated: "I would say take us on our track record in recent years. How we are investing in terms of product, in terms of our workforce, in terms of shareholders, which are mum and dad investors and superannuation funds. And that's why we believe we get those options when we get additional surplus funds available to us to invest". The company also noted: "We've got the highest employee engagement in the company's history, we've got the highest customer satisfaction in the company's history, and we've got the best financial performance in the company's history. It's not that one has to go to the detriment of the other. You can get the trifecta right as long as you redistribute that effectively".