Qantas warns against 'bizarre' tactics of Canberra Airport

15 May, 2018

Qantas domestic and freight CEO Andrew David warned that Canberra Airport's "bizarre" and heavy handed tactics are threatening to derail its relationship with the carrier (SMH, 14-May-2018). Canberra Airport, in recent months, has been openly critical of the high cancellation rates on services between Sydney and Canberra. Mr David commented: "We deal with airports around Australia and around the world, and none of them behave the way Canberra Airport does. It's bizarre... It's hard to see how a company can think that attacking its biggest customer, which Qantas is, will improve matters". Canberra Airport MD Stephen Byron said it was crucial the two companies had a constructive relationship, but also important to prioritise customers. "We want to stand up for our Canberra customers and those flying here, so they get a good quality of service... When we've had very high and concerning cancellation rates by Qantas - that are three to four times the national average - we seek a better deal and a more reliable service for our customers", Mr Byron said.