RPA: USD50.8bn in upgrades required for New York airports

13 June, 2018

Regional Plan Association (RPA) released (11-Jun-2018) a report recommending upgrades to New York airports including expansions, enhanced transit connections and climate adaption. The report calls for upgrades totaling USD50.8 billion over the next 30 to 40 years including:

  • New capacity: Two new runways at New York John F Kennedy International Airport and one new runway at New York Newark International Airport;
  • Better transit connections: Improved Airtrain access and a one seat ride to New York JFK Airport, a new front door for Newark Airport which would give passengers access to the airport from PATH, NJTransit and Amtrak, and an Airtrain alignment for New York LaGuardia Airport that would allow for connection to the number seven line at Willets Point as well as LIRR;
  • Increased preparation for climate change and sea level rise: Beginning to plan now for the eventual phasing out of Teterboro Airport, which is is likely to be partially flooded at one foot of sea level rise (predicted by 2050) and fully flooded at three feet of sea level rise (predicted to by the end of the century or sooner), and reinforcing efforts to protect the other airports from both sea level rise and storm surge. [more - original PR]