Ryanair considers development of IT hub and MRO centre in Ukraine

20 November, 2018

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko proposed (20-Nov-2018) Ryanair establish an IT hub in Ukraine to increase the level of services available for the carrier's aircraft. Mr Poroshenko said: "I know that you are planning to increase the presence of Ryanair in Ukraine". Ryanair CCO David O'Brien said software laboratories operate in Madrid, Dublin and Poland and expressed hope that the fourth office of this laboratory will be established in Ukraine. Mr O'Brien said: "We are considering the possibility of opening an IT centre in Ukraine. And upon reaching the critical volume of flights, we are considering the possibility of opening facilities for the repair and service of aircraft" (Interfax Ukraine, 20-Nov-2018). Ukraine's Office of the National Investment Council, via its official Facebook account, stated (20-Nov-2018) "Ryanair now has a Chief Technological Officer for Ukraine. This decision is motivated by the prospect of creating a service hub in Ukraine". [more - original PR- English/Ukrainian/Russian]