Ryanair: 'The green list has done more harm than good'

29 July, 2020

Ryanair said the carrier allocated its UK-Ireland traffic "elsewhere, more of that is to come, not just in Ryanair but inevitably every other airline that currently operates in and out of Ireland" and noted the Irish Government "should offer incentives in the form of cuts to airport charges in all airports across Ireland for the next three years" (extra.ie, 28-Jul-2020). The carrier said if there are no immediate incentives for the winter season and 2021, "airlines will plan accordingly and migrate that traffic to the other 27 EU countries and the UK where there will be incentives to increase traffic, but more importantly - no travel restrictions". Ryanair said the "The green list has done more harm than good and will continue to have a severe, detrimental effect on the airline and tourism sectors".