Sabre granted NDC Level 3 capability as an IT provider

15 February, 2018

Sabre Corporation received (15-Feb-2018) IATA recognition as a New Distribution Capability (NDC) Level 3 IT provider. Sabre achieved the milestone less than two months after announcing Level 2 capability. By granting Sabre "NDC capable" Level 3 status under the NDC certification programme, IATA recognises that Sabre supports deployments using offer and order management messages whose schemas are compliant with the NDC standard. According to IATA, Sabre has demonstrated its ability to provide a broad range of retailing capabilities to a variety of sellers, including end-to-end offer and order fulfilment and servicing. Level 3 capability indicates that Sabre is now positioned to fulfil and service those orders throughout the entire process in both direct and indirect channels. Sabre is also certified as an NDC Level 1 aggregator, with a roadmap to reaching Level 3 in 2018. [more - original PR]